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Introduction of Dalian

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Hi-Tech District

Hi-Tech District is located in the South Western part of Dalian city and takes up 153 m2. Transport is very convenient as it is 7 kilometers away from Dalian airport, 4.5 kilometers from Dalian train station and 15 kilometers from the Shenyang-Dalian freeway. It is near the 3 famous universities of Dalian (Dalian University of Technology, Dalian Maritime University and Dongbei University). Dalian adopted a high technology and industrialization project as its aim was for the “development of high technology and industrialization” from its outset as a city. It had great success through investing into external industries and constructing buildings at a high speed, and famous properly investment companies within the country have built luxury houses in Dalian. It is an area of Dalian that promotes openness to foreign influences and is a leader in science and technology development and a high-tech industry district. It is becoming a hub for creative businesses from all over the country as it has a unique location and a great environment for new businesses. There are currently 5000 organizations registered within the Hi-Tech District, and more than 900 are Hi-Tech organizations, and more than 380 are export companies. Out of 500 large international companies like IBM, HP, ERICSSON and DELL, more than 100 are found here.

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