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Leasing Enquiry

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Leasing Enquiry

  • If you leave an enquiry about leasing an office in Nami Building, we will either email or call you shortly!
    Telephone Inquiry: 0411-39731518

  • Once you apply for lease of an office in Nami Building we will find a vacant office that matches your criteria and either email or call you back shortly!
    Telephone Inquiry: 0411-39731518

    Please enter only the digits in your office room number. (For example: 601)
    Square meter Please enter only the digits in office size you are applying for. (For example: 300)
    / 19 The level must be a number between 1 and 19.
    Please enter your desired office direction. (For example: South-East facing)

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If you have forgotten your password please contact us on 39731501/39731500, and we will send you a reset password to the email address you have registered.