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Introduction of Nami Building

Nami Building is owned by Daou Dalian (Daou (Dalian) Science and Technology development LLC). Nami Building received the construction permit on 5 January 2008, and it consists of a building area of 50,000 m2, 1 level underground and 19 levels above ground. Nami Building has 7 Japanese Mitsubishi MAXIEZ high speed elevators (5 for customers and 2 for fire emergencies) and has an automated parallel tower parking system made by Daeyang Group. It is also well praised by its customers as it boasts of facilities like café, Japanese restaurant, convenience store, yoga class and a gym, as well as being managed by an internationally renowned Japanese property management company who provide friendly and reliable services. It holds the record for having the highest rent price in the last 5 years, and it is already well known as a landmark in the Dalian Hi-Tech District. Currently about 80 customers are resident in the building including Ernest Young, NHN Entertainment, Naver China, Dalian Hi-Tech District national territory, Dalian department of radiation, bank of communications of Dalian Hi-Tech District
Living Facilities in Vicinity
晟辉and 亚惠餐厅 within 500 m of Nami Building / Shopping and Entertainment Complex Mall: 万达广场、锦辉商城 etc.
Public Works Facilities in the Vicinity
Financial organizations near the building : Bank of Communication, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China / National Defense Bureau, National Land Bureau / Hi-Tech District Administration Service Center, Hi-Tech District Mileage Management Center
Other Facilities
Provides of outstanding office environment through Japanese restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, stores, yoga facilities and gyms within the building.

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