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Nami Building customer member Signup

This is the form for signing up for customer membership of Nami Building. Once you have completed this form and have verified your email address, the administrator will decide whether to approve your application. Once it is approved you can use the website. When you become a customer member you will be able to apply for parking and services provided by the administration office through the website.
Please enter the email address you would like to use for login.
Please enter only the digits in your Nami Building office room number. (For example: 601)
Please enter the name of the person that manages the website account.
Please enter the name of the person applying for a website account
Please enter the department the applicant belongs to
Please enter only the digits in your office telephone number (For example: 39731500)
The password must be at least 6 characters long, and can be made of numbers and lower and upper case letters.

Nami Building member Signin

If you have forgotten your password please contact us on 39731501/39731500, and we will send you a reset password to the email address you have registered.